By: Jerry S. Maneker

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.” (John 6:37)

The Taliban took the Muslim religion and twisted it into its own projection of God’s justice.  They took their own
prejudices and imposed them on the Koran to justify the killing and maiming of innocent civilians.  They use religion as a
cloak with which to clothe themselves, and thereby assuage their consciences that what they are doing is not only good
and noble, but is consistent with God’s will.

September 11th and the ensuing Anthrax cases are designed to create terror in one’s heart and that terror is seen as
justified by the appeal to God.  Otherwise intelligent people can take the God of peace and turn Him into a war monger
against the innocent in our midst.

Unfortunately, Islam isn’t the only religion that has its haters, its hate mongers, its perverts.  Christianity also has its
perverts who preach a false gospel that excludes, discriminates, and demonizes certain classes of people.  Via many
televangelists, and through many pulpits throughout the world, gay and lesbian people are castigated by an appeal to
the Bible and to these perverts’ sense of “God’s will.”  

These perverts take their preconceived prejudices and impose them on the Bible and make it say what it doesn’t say,
when seen in context.  As the excellent author, Peter J. Gomes says in his book, The Good Book: Reading The Bible
With Mind And Heart, when we read the Bible we must seek to understand what it says, what it means, the subtext, the
context, what we bring to the text, and what we take out of the text.

The Bible has historically been used to affirm slavery, segregation, and the subjugation of women.  Indeed, in the
Catholic Church women aren’t allowed to become priests, and in some Protestant churches women aren’t allowed to
vote on congregational matters.  The Bible has historically been used as a hammer to oppress certain classes of
people; the justification for such oppression is “God’s will.”

What made many Abolitionists and others such as  Martin Luther King unique is that they took the very same Bible that
was used to disenfranchise and demonize certain people and saw in it certain principles that overrode biblical practice.  
Indeed, they saw that biblical principle must override biblical practice.  Just because certain institutions were put into
place in Ancient Israel and Rome doesn’t necessarily make them relevant to the twenty first century in the United States.

The biblical principle that overrode biblical practice was the call to equality, freedom, and liberation of all people from the
boot of their oppressors, even those oppressors who wear clerical collars.  They took the Apostle Paul literally when he
wrote, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all
one in Christ Jesus.  And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians

What helps make the perverts in the Church world so dangerous is that their message of exclusion is not consistent with
the Gospel message of inclusion as seen in the words of Jesus that began this article; many people, some of whom
never set foot inside of a church, feel free to discriminate, shame, bash and even kill gay people and feel no remorse,
as they feel they are doing God’s will.  Organized religion has helped marginalize and shame gay people as seen in the
fact that the suicide rate for gay youth is three times that of non-gay youth.  And the burden of this atrocity must be laid
squarely at the feet of organized religion!

Some may argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality!  The fact is that the word “homosexual” is not to be found in
the biblical manuscripts, as it was coined in the late nineteenth century and didn’t appear in our English Bibles until

In the Old Testament people were called upon to be fruitful and multiply and, hence, any sexual act that didn’t have the
possibility of procreation was taboo.  That was the sin of Onan!  We are not a tribal society living on the edge that must
procreate in order to maintain our ability to survive, as it is now well acknowledged that sexual activity need not always
be justified by the possibility of procreation.  Therefore, it is permissible for barren women and sterile men to be intimate
with each other.

It must be acknowledged that regarding homosexuality it does not appear in the Ten Commandments; Jesus never
talked about it; the prophets never wrote about it.  If it were of great importance, one would think that it would be
mentioned in at least one of these contexts.

In the New Testament, one must look long and hard to find verses of Scripture that ostensibly deal with homosexuality.  
Romans 1:20-32 does not deal with loving relationships between people of the same gender who are constitutionally
homosexual.  It deals with people who turn their backs on God and worship the creature more than the Creator; are
likely heterosexuals who engage in homosexual acts to pagan deities.  The book of Romans was undoubtedly written
from Corinth, which had many religions, the most popular one being the fertility cult of Aphrodite.

1Corinthians 6:9 says that the “effeminate” will not inherit the kingdom of God.  The Greek word that is translated
“effeminate” is “malakoi,” and it means “soft.”  It is used elsewhere in Scripture to denote soft clothing and illness.  In this
context, it may denote people who have soft morals or who lack courage.  There is no warrant for translating it as
“effeminate,” and it contradicts Paul’s assertions in Galatians 3:28-29.

1Timothy 1:10 deals with “them that defile themselves with mankind.”  In the New American Standard translation, that
term is translated as “immoral men and homosexuals.” The latter term, as previously indicated, doesn’t appear in any
biblical manuscript.  Paul’s reference to homosexuality was seen in the context of idolatry and exploitation, not in
reference to the constitutional homosexual.

And that’s it!  No other references to homosexuality exist in the New Testament.  The Law was fulfilled in Christ, so we
are now free from its strictures.  Hence, the Gospel is good news indeed to those who trust in God’s grace in having a
big enough tent to house all of His children.

Don’t let the perverts hijack Christianity as the Taliban hijacked the Muslim religion!  

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